For our 2014-2015 annual writing contest:

1st Place: “Empire of Lithium” – Timothy Bellows
2nd Place: “Where Hops and Barley Grow” – Carol Marlow
3rd Place: “Bleeding Out” – Michael Myers
Honorable Mention: “Artifact 1030: Maiden Voyage Journal for the ‘RMS Titanic’” by Ashleigh Haynes

One Act Plays:
1st Place: To Hell and Back Again – Emmy Dixon
2nd Place: Lantern – Jansen Castleberry
3rd Place: Gone Fishin’ – Sarah Madsen

Creative Nonfiction:
1st Place: “The Da Vinci Academy” – Zachary McGarry
2nd Place: “Shells on the Walls” – Holly Smith
3rd Place: “Prayer and Supplication” – Esther Stuart

1st Place: The Soldier Inside – Emily Wills
2nd Place: One Big Happy Nuclear Family – Joshua Hathcock
3rd Place: That Rain-soaked Street Kind of Lonely – Emily Wills
Honorable mentions: “Child Bride” – Brittany Barron, “L’espirit de l’escalier”- Daniela Scioscia, “The Christian Tale” – Cali Chacon, and “Believe Me When I Tell You” – Emily Wills

Formal Essays:
1st Place: “A Hero’s Salute to Death and History: Subversion of the Masculine Ideal in Ambrose Bierce’s Tales of Soldiers and Civilians” – Amanda Adams
2nd Place: “Problematic Poetics: The Victorian Debate over Poetry’s Proper Place” – Emmy Dixon
3rd Place: “Physical Versus Mental: How World War I Literature Handles the Treatment of War Neurosis” – Zachary McGarry

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you so much to everyone who entered! Keep your eyes here for updates and for how to get your copy of this year’s The Chestatee Review!