April 2015 is the 107th Anniversary of Anne of Green Gables: By Megan Johnson

I’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the best things that has ever come out of Canada: Anne of Green Gables. This series of children’s novels (and there are a LOT of them) was first written by Lucy Maud Montgomery in 1908, and then adapted into film in 1985 in the form of 6 VHS tapes. There are many more adaptations of the story, including an animated series which aired on PBS in 2000, but the original books and the 1985 trilogy were an enormous inspiration for my imagination when I was a kid.

Montgomery’s novel introduces us to the fantastical, enthusiastic, orphan child Anne (spelled with an e as our heroine insists). When Anne is adopted by Mathew and Marilla of Avonlea, she takes every opportunity to turn her life into a fantasy full of romance and beauty. With a setting like turn-of-the-20th century Prince Edward Island, she is supplied with plenty of wild and beautiful landscape to dream in.

But despite being a hopeless romantic, Anne is a strong, independent, and intellectual girl and later, woman. She is a driven student who defies everyone’s low expectations for her as a girl and an orphan and comes out at the top of the class, despite stiff competition from the handsome Gilbert Blythe. She constantly breaks social conventions with her unique strength of character and refuses to let other tell her how to live her life.

To mark the anniversary of this inspirational character, here are 6 typically amazing Anne Shirley moments:

When she stood up to that boy who said her hair looked like carrots

(Gilbert just got schooled!)

When she takes death and romance hand in hand:


And then changes her mind about it…:


When she defied a world that would have stifled her imagination:


You’ve never had a bad hair day until you have an Anne Shirley bad hair day:



But most of all, that immensely practical yet sunny disposition which reminds us all that even if we mess up from time to time: