A Review of The Vagina Monologues performed at the University of North Georgia: By Rachael Bryant


I attended the Thursday April 2nd performance of LASO’s Vagina Monologues. I had no idea what to expect from the experience and watched with an open mind.

The actresses were dedicated, passionate, and fulfilled their roles with professionalism. There were many uncomfortable moments that were handled with grace by the performers. Acting out sexual experiences can be awkward for both the performers and the audiences, especially those referring to violence in sexual experiences, child rape, and lesbian domination stories.

I stayed behind to observe the Vagina Dialogues in which the audience can converse with and ask questions to the actresses. The most interesting part of this interaction was when an audience member asked the women whether their professors were happy or upset that they were participating in the Vagina Monologues. All of the women unanimously said that their professors were proud and supportive but the majority of the responses that they received from the student bodies were against the play. This is surprising because one would think that the student body would want to support the cause. The play receives money in order to donate to their causes. The women themselves who acted in the play expressed how empowered they feel now and how wonderful it is to be a part of such a wonderful program.

I am proud to announce that the proceeds collected are for a women’s domestic abuse shelter named No One Alone. The Vagina Monologues program states that “NOA provides safe haven and support services to victims of domestic violence. Through educational programs, NOA works to foster attitudes in the community that violence is not acceptable.”

The Vagina Monologues were also performed for V-Day, which according to the Vagina Monologues program is “a global activist movement to end violence against women.” The Vagina Monologues were intended and performed as a tool to help V-day and other organizations end violence against women.

More about V-Day from their newsletter: www.vday.org/vmail

And Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/vday

More about No One Alone, especially for internship opportunities: www.nononealone.org