Open Mic Night: A Review by Terra Sullens

The Open Mic Night starts at 6 o’clock and the Nesbitt café is already buzzing with excitement. Baristas are hurriedly making mochas and coffees while students are either preparing for their performance or finishing their homework before class starts.
Nervously, students sign-up to perform, avoiding the first place slot at all cost. There are singers, musicians, flute-players, writers, and even an aspiring comedian who have shed all insecurities for a night in order to share their art. The first performance is nothing short of perfection. As the female student steps up to the podium, her table of friends shouts words of encouragement. She begins to sing an acapella ballad and her soulful voice fills the cafe. The once noisy room falls into silence as everyone soaks in the beautiful cadence of her voice. When her song is done, applause fills the room.
This performance set the tone for the night. As students become inspired by what’s happening before them, excitement fills the air. Poems are read that shed light on domestic abuse, bullying, and the realities of life. Songs are sung, and there is a beautiful rendition of “Colors of the Wind” played on the flute. Even students who didn’t plan to perform join the merriment. But the highlight of the night came from the reading of a hauntingly beautiful 9/11 memoir piece that undoubtedly brought a tear to every eye.
As 8 o’clock rolls around, a sort of melancholy falls over the emptying room. For one night, students and faculty have shed all uncertainty about their art and shared a piece of their souls with their peers. And not one person could leave without asking The Chestatee Review when this magic would happen again.