Chestatee Review Contest Winners!

Contest Winners:

1st: “Night Life” by James Worsham
2nd: “Carrying” by Brittany Barron
3rd: “Like a Dream” by Dalena Tran

One-Act Plays
1st: “Choosing Vincent by Kelly Donnelly
2nd: Cruise Director Sampson by Emmy Dixon
3rd: “Side Show” by Jansen Castleberry

Short Fiction
1st: “A Likeness” by Mikalah Crymes
2nd: “The Exorcism of Valen Sibyl” by James Worsham
3rd: “Infernal” by Matthew Larre

Creative Non-Fiction
1st: “Death Before Dishonor” by Emmy Dixon
2nd: “Void” by Courtney Torres
3rd: “Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Emmy Dixon

Formal Essays
1st: “A Whore’s Art: Plato’s Use of Aspasia in Menexenus” by Emmy Dixon
2nd: “The Body of Christ, the Bond of Man: Re-imagining the Sacred Bread as Fellowship within the Gospel According to S. Matthew” by Emmy Dixon
3rd: “Murder, Mayhem, and a Good Laugh: Ambrose Bierce’s Tall Tale” by Courtney Torres