Art Contest Guidelines

For all UNG students—Please submit your artwork to The Chestatee Review, UNG’s literary and visual arts magazine. The submission deadline is December 16th. The magazine is judged, and those whose works are published will be announced in January. The publication will be launched in April.
1. Art forms accepted, but not limited to, include: drawing, painting, prints, sculpture, pottery, weaving, digital, and photography (digital and film). Please limit your submission to three to four images.
2. All art must be photographed or scanned in high quality, print-worty images (150+ dpi).
3. Submissions should be high resolution JPGs properly named for clear identification with your last name and at least part of the title (e.g. If the artist is John Doe and the artwork is Lost in the Woods, the image name might be DoeLostITW.jpg).
4. Send submissions:
– (For art majors): create a folder in Digication.
– (For all others): submit to with the subject line Art Submissions
5. All submissions must include the following information in a Word document: artist’s name, student ID#, school email, phone number, mailing address, 50-word artist bio, title of artwork(s), and medium and dimensions for each work of art. Art majors should submit this information to along with a note that your art is in Digication.
6. Send all artwork and artist information in a zipped file; do not copy the entry into the body of your email.
7. Works submitted cannot have been published except in UNG campus publications.
8. Any and all images that are not of print quality will not be considered for publication.



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