Open Mic Night: a review by Amanda Dazzo

On the 27 of September 2016, I attended the Open Mic Night hosted by the Chestatee Review on the Gainesville Campus. I would say something that I struggled with that night was actually finding signs to get to the event, as it began at 6pm. Although I had believed it was going to be difficult for people to locate where the event was taking place, the turnout was amazing. THe fact that it was open to anyone and everyone was great. There were several parents that came in to see their child do some type of performance or reading. I believe that having a broad range of genres was great for each student. Several students wanted to play their guitar and sing, others read original poems or short stories, and we even had some students dancing. One other thing I feel would have been great for everyone is some snacks. It was hard to get the first few people to go up and perform, but once we started, it seemed everyone wanted to go. Everyone that got up to read something ended up reading, dancing, or singing again! It was great feeling the depth of someone else’s passions- that is what the Open Mic Night is all about. The true feelings and passions of someone were openly welcomed at the Open Mic Night whether it was about love, hate, race, weight, or your sexual affiliation. The fact that all people were allowed to express themselves and not feel discouraged or downgraded made this night completely worthwhile! I am thrilled to be doing it again for Halloween! I can say that this event is definitely one of the most fun things that I have done outside of the classroom, and I am thrilled to be doing it again soon! Don’t forget, all students that attend these events have the opportunity to receive co-curricular credit to be put on your transcripts!