PoeDown: A Review by Amanda Dazzo

On the 27th of October 2016, the Chestatee Review hosted another Open Mic Night known as the PoeDown. This Open Mic Night is a Halloween themed Open Mic Night for students to come and share some spooky stories, whether they be written by the performers or just something that the student loves. We began the night by having Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” read from a video off YouTube. As people were walking in, they walked into a darkened room filled with tombstones and spiderwebs, giving off the spooky vibe of Halloween. The Chestatee Review provided snacks and drinks for our 3 hour event going on that evening. We came prepared with prizes for the costume contest as well as for the winners of our PoeDown writing contest. We awarded the top three winners of the scary story/poem writing contest $20/$15/$10 respectively, which made for a fun evening of performances! The turnout wasn’t as great as the first Open Mic Night of the semester, but it was still a good night. I believe the fact that we did not have a broad enough topic caused this. Because the theme was spooky, it was more difficult to get people involved. We also overlapped with another event going on at the school that evening. As I asked students why they could not stay and attend longer, it was because the students wanted to be at both events. Next year, when the Chestatee Review hosts another amazing PoeDown, we will make sure it is on a night when students can come and not feel rushed to get to other events! I can say that this event is definitely one of the most fun things that I have done outside of the classroom, and I am thrilled to be doing it again soon! Don’t forget, all students that attend these events have the opportunity to receive co-curricular credit to be put on your transcripts!