And the winners are…

We’re ready to post the winners of the 2017 contests! So many wonderful submissions came in, making this decision very difficult for all involved. The forthcoming issue will be amazing thanks to all of your hard work.

Chestatee Review 2017 Contest Winners:

1st: “Home Again” by Lina Morgan
2nd: “The Fallen” by Sydney Smith
3rd: “I’m Not Rose” by Amanda Niemann

Creative nonfiction
1st: “Six Memories of My Father” by Anna Maria Little
2nd: “The Depth of Humility” by Megan Nichole Broome
3rd: “The Ghosts Who Carry Us” by Elizabeth Devine

Formal Essays
1st: “Shadowed Memories” by Megan Nichole Broome
2nd: “A Feminist Reading of The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” by Marcel Cantu
3rd: “Redefining Reality” by Shea Barfield

1st: “Good Will” by Ethan Howard
2nd: “The Man Who Came with the Rain” by Anna Maria Little
3rd: “A Foundling’s Blues” by Keza Kasende

One Act Plays
1st: “A Happening Scene” by Brandon Day
2nd: “Im-PROP-er Dinner” by Gregory Hirsch
3rd: “The Collectors” by Adrian Huff