Upcoming Events: a magazine release party and some open mic entertainment

We have an exciting schedule lined up for this semester, with more events soon to be announced.

Image From: Gecko Books

The Publishing Panel
The CR is doing something for young writers and publishers still uninitiated in the culture of our literature and arts magazine. It’s called The Publishing Panel, or the Annual Research Conference (ARC) Publishing Panel, and some key members of our editorial staff will be there to network, educate, and bring newbies into the fold. They’ll also be discussing other UNG publishing ventures, like Papers and Publications. If you want to break into the literary world after college, but you’re not sure where to start, I’d say this is it, y’all.

The launch party for the 2017 release of The Chestatee Review magazine will begin at 5pm on April 19th inside the Robinson Ballroom at the Gainesville Student Center. It’ll go until 8pm and all are welcome. The Dahlonega crew will be holding their event on Thursday, April 27th, between 7 and 9pm in Starbucks on campus.

We have an open mic coming up as well and, if it’s anything like our most recent event, there will be a good crowd in attendance. Anybody who wants to perform in any way at all–if you want to read your fiction or poetry, play an instrument, sing, do some new-age interpretive dance, lip-sync, tell jokes, perform a dramatic monologue from Rent–we welcome all of that stuff. The Gainesville campus will be holding their open mic on Thursday, March 23rd from 6 to 8pm in Starbucks, and on the Dahlonega campus we’ll be hosting our event on Wednesday, March 1st between 7 and 9pm.

We’ll also be having a visiting author, Michael Pitre, come to speak with us about his work and life. A graduate of the LSU creative writing program, Pitre enlisted soon after 9/11 with the U.S. Marines. Having completed two tours in Iraq, Pitre has written a well received memoir about his time overseas. In a deeply interesting and entertaining 2014 interview with NPR, Pitre said of his book, “I wanted to tell a story that didn’t fetishize combat…Because war is work, right?” Mr. Pitre will speak at the Dahlonega campus on Monday, April 24th, and then at the Gainesville campus on Tuesday, April 25th. The times of his talks will be announced soon. We’ll keep you posted.