Contest Guidelines

Submissions For Poedown 2017

Submit Halloween-themed poetry and short-stories up to 500 words in length to:

Deadline: Friday, Oct 13th by midnight.

Winners will be published in The Chestatee Review and win cash:

1st Place: $25

2nd Place: $15

3rd Place: $10

Dates, locations, and times:

Dahlonega — October 24th, 7pm to 9pm, in the Great Room, Hoag building.

Gainesville — October 26th, 6pm to 9pm, inside Nesbitt, room 3110A

Literary Submissions For The 2018 Chestatee Review Magazine

The deadline for submission to this season’s writing contest is November 1st. Submit your unpublished short stories, one-act plays, creative nonfic, essays, or poems for publication in the 2018 issue of The Chestatee Review. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top three submissions in each category, and first and second place winners will automatically be entered into The Southern Literary Festival’s writing contest as well. Runners up will have their work published in a special digital issue. For contest rules, see our post on writing contest submission guidelines.

Art Submissions For The 2018 Chestatee Review Magazine

We have just begun taking submissions for The Chestatee Review’s annual art contest, open to all students. The winner will be featured on the cover of our next issue, and runners up will hold a place within its pages. Also, this year we are doing things a little differently. All runners-up who didn’t make it into the print magazine will have their work posted here on the CR website in a special digital issue! We’ll also make sure it gets boosted via our Facebook feed. Read below for how to format your work for submission, and where to send it.


Please submit your artwork to The Chestatee Review, UNG’s literary and visual arts magazine. The contest deadline is December 11th. Once a UNG art faculty member judges the contest, the winning works will be announced in January. Winners will be published in the 2018 issue of The Chestatee Review with one work featured on the cover.


  • Art forms accepted, but not limited to, include: drawing, painting, prints, sculpture, pottery, weaving, digital, and photography (digital and film). Please limit your submission to five images.
  • All art must be photographed or scanned in high quality, print-worthy images (300+ dpi).
  • Submissions should be high resolution JPGs properly named for clear identification with your last name and at least part of the title (e.g. If the artist is John Doe and the artwork is Lost in the Woods, the image name might be DoeLostITW.jpg).
  • Send submissions:
    1. (For art majors): create a folder in Digication.
    2. (For all others): submit to with the subject line “Art Submissions”.
  • All submissions must include the following information in a Word document: artist’s name, student ID#, school email, phone number, mailing address, 50-word artist bio, title of artwork(s), and medium and dimensions for each work of artArtmajors should submit this information to along with a note that your art is in Digication.
  • Send all artwork and artist information in a zipped file; do not copy the entry into the body of your email.
  • Works submitted cannot have been published except in UNG campus publications.
  • Any and all images that are not of print quality will not be considered for publication.

14 thoughts on “Contest Guidelines

      1. I think “Anon” was asking if the contest is only for UNG students, not if the “bog” (sic) and comments section was only for UNG students.


  1. Can’t find any specific guidelines for the Poe Down. Must flash fiction be under 1,000 words, or is up to 2,000 permissible? Also, the theme seems to need a little explanation. Is this just for stories inspired by Poe’s poetry, generally dark or creepy stories, or should subject matter actually be taken from his poems?


  2. If I understand the rules above correctly, can we submit up to five pieces of each genre, for a maximum total of 25 different pieces per contestant? Also, does each work have to be below 5,000 words or 100 lines, or do they collectively have to be below the maximum?


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