The Chestatee Review is the University of North Georgia’s award-winning literary and arts magazine. Published annually in the spring, The Chestatee Review features UNG’s finest student works, including poetry, short stories, plays, essays, and visual art. In addition, several literary events and workshops are organized, funded, and hosted by The Chestatee Review. Students who participate as staff members not only receive academic credit, but also learn valuable skills in digital asset management, event planning, editing, graphic design, writing, collaboration, and communication.

This blog and its posts are not peer reviewed works and are not  published in The Chestatee Review. They are strictly for literary discussions, entertainment, and the forwarding of literary topics and ideals. The Chestatee Review blog is operated by students. Posts are not vetted by school administrators and do not reflect the values or opinions of The University of North Georgia or of UNG employees.

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